Online Only Rentals

Art always said that  “a professional musician can play on a garden hose and make it sound good, but a beginner needs all the help they can get.”  A beginner needs to start on a quality instrument.  You give your child the best chance with an instrument of quality, in adjustment, plays easily and in tune. If  your child fails, you know that it is not because you did not give them the best chance.

Today, we carry on Art’s philosophy. We strive to carry the best quality instrument for students. We not only inspect every new and reconditioned instrument, we monitor every return.

We inspect returns to make sure that the instrument preformed well for that student.  (1) Is it out of adjustment?  (2)Did it not hold up against normal wear and tear? (3) Could the student have dropped it and no one noticed? (4) Did this instrument do its job for the beginner?

We also do analysis on instrument groups.  If we put out 100 of brand A model 1 and get 25 back and we put out 200 of brand B model 3 and get 10 returned, we might decided that model A1 might not be the best model to carry.

Since we offer free in-the-bandroom service on all the instruments we sell, rent or lease, we make sure that we offer models that do not need constant repair.  Because we offer in-the-bandroom service, ART’S online rentals are limited to customers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Our On-line rental program differs from our in-store and in-school programs.  In-store shopping and in- school display shopping offer many other options and choices.  For ART’S On-line rental program, we have selected a quality upper mid grade student instrument.    We are confident in the quality of our On-line rental units, but as always, they are subject to your director’s approval.

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